CASIGA S.L. has at its disposal a large team of professionals, experts in all fields of the construction business. A large team, experienced and flexible which has at its disposal the best equipment and materials in order to be able to guarantee projects of maximum quality.
Work safety is one of our priorities and we are continually offering courses on the subject.

With our staff you will always find professionalism, friendliness and a specialist in each branch of our activities.



En Casiga S.L. we have architects of proven fame and experience, with a valid dedication to service, in the knowledge that a good project always adds extra value to the building.



A team of experts whose high qualifications allow us to ensure our clients have perfect installations; safe, efficient and economical.



Our master plumbers have years of work experience and a long history of works in perfect order. They will do an installation as in their own home.



Due to the importance of stone in the local architecture we have selected an élite group for the treatment of stone as a construction element. The best care is the highest form of strategy for the hardest material.


Interior decorators

The willingness to offer a complete service for your projects is completed by our selection of interior decorators, capable of listening to your requirements and adapting them to the interior of your homes.

House renovation

Master builders

All our foremen have an extensive preparation and years of experience in the completion of works. We deposit full confidence in their renowned capacity of bringing any project to completion.