Edificación nueva de la constructora Casiga
Due to the fact that we use highly qualified professionals in all the phases of construction, Casiga, in the role of Building Constructor, takes charge of the entire building process, helping with all the administrative paperwork (from obtaining licenses up to the final Certificate of Habitability), initial study, project and execution, right up until the moment when the building is handed over ready for occupation.

All this applying perfect methodology in order to respect the client’s requirements, thus guaranteeing the work done, the quality of the finishes and adjustment to price.

With Casiga you will never find uncalculated surprises, with extension of schedule or increase in budget.

The fact of having an excellent multidisciplinary team allows us to offer you maximum safety, even providing complementary services such as plans for interior decoration, Internet access where it seemed impossible, assuring maximum coverage, or the maintenance of your home which will keep it in the same condition as the first day.

Among other examples, we feel especially proud of the new build in the Finca Los Tres Lugares and the Hotel El Sosiego, both dedicated to Rural Tourism.