Does Paradise still exist? Without a doubt, the region of the North of Cáceres, the Sierra de Gata, holds a series of inherent characteristics which, objectively and potentially, form a most desirable destination, as one of those supreme paradises to remain intact: ideal characteristics of a residential destiny holding ever more popular values such as ecology, sustainability, authenticity and nature.

Each one of those factors which are taken into account on making a decision act in favour of coming to this region.



One of the treasures of the region, given that its orography shelters it from the north wind, giving it a Mediterranean climate influenced by the Atalantic Ocean, which results in a benign climate: mild winters and warm summers, but not too extreme; ideal temperature and rainfall conditions for living, proven by the impressive nature and ecosystem.



In this region we continue to leave our doors unlocked, because we feel safe. And statistics enforce this sensation: Sierra de Gata registers one of the lowest criminal records of the nation.

The friendly nature and neighbourliness of our inhabitants, opening their arms to whoever chooses to visit, is part of the tranquil atmosphere which circulates both the village centres and the rural areas of our surroundings.



We are far from the days when a medical urgency presented a problem. We have a health system – Salud Extremadura – efficient through basic attention and emergency centres with specialist hospital complexes with a fast response to urgent attention.

As efficient as the educational infrastructures of the area whcih covers the entire educational spectrum, well located and without massification problems.



The region of the Sierra de Gata has a magnificent road access network, as much as from the centre of the mainland as for visitors from the north or south: main toll-free arteries; a large network of roads of great capillarity and constant renovation; a high-velocity train in process; etc. And, as an added value, the low population density increases the advantages of these infra-structures.



A region which stands out for its diversity and respect for nature, where the autoctonous flora and fauna abound and where one finds unique eco-systems which remain virtually intact, with abundant water and river supply, far from the dry and arid aspect attributed to the whole of the Extremeñan landscape.



There is no competition: you have the possibility of opting for the lowest price per sq m of all the regions of Spain, about 50%: values which are maintained even in unique buildings, partly historical, which appear all over the region. Also prices for labour for new build and restoration are very much inferior to the rest of the country. You get a lot more for a lot less.



The Sierra de Gata offers a traditional, natural cuisine, sustainable and almost 0Km, due to the possibility of producing directly most of the raw materials for which it is identified. This gastronomical concept is tremendously appreciated by people with a respect for sustainability and love of nature, people who actually want to “live well and eat even better”.



The Sierra de Gata has an ample range of entertainment which has grown in recent years, which engulfs alternatives and very different sectors, as well as being near first class cultural events. Its situation near the Portuguese frontier and the Province of Salamanca only serves to amplify its possibilities: the mixture of these influences convert all the villages of the Sierra Gata into magic.