Cultural Park of Sierra de Gata – a bridge towards a new future

Imagen Noticia Parque Cultural

Years of isolation through a network of outmoded roads have been transformed, with the passing of time, to a positive element, because today they offer the Sierra de Gata its most appreciated value: uniqueness. Individuality preserved in its constructions, its lifestyle, its customs…which in turn converts it into the ideal destination for residential tourism.

Thousands of Europeans are searching throughout the European Union for corners which offer distinctive values in which to establish themselves, either temporarily or permanently. Elements such as a benign climate, well-preserved natural surroundings and uniqueness of the habitat…these become factors for the possible resident to make basic decisions.

To these we can add a correct healthcare network, adequate means of communication, suitable citizen security which will give the stability to convert to a new citizen of the Sierra de Gata. Now all these decisive factors are available in this region.

In order to strengthen the scale of circumstances of the authenticity of the territory, the Sierra de Gata Cultural Park project aims to legally lay the foundations for the conservation and promotion of the heritage of the region, through the participation of all the social agents, educational activities, economical development and tourism.

This initiative, instigated by the Provincial Council of Cáceres, the Association (Mancomunidad) of the Municipalities of the Sierra de Gata, the local action group, Adisgata, the business association Turisgata and the Directorate-General of Tourism of the Extremadura Government will assure us a designated area, where the cultural and natural values which allow the integral and integrated growth will be categorized.

We at Casiga are conscious of this qualitative and quantum leap forward which the implementation of a project of this size means for the Sierra de Gata , and makes us wonder what we can contribute towards the accomplishment of the proposed objectives.

The way we see it, as builders devoted to this region, our commitment must be based on increasing, if possible, respect for the traditional building processes in our restoration labours, giving maximum presence and value to the basic materials which constitute the roots of the original architecture: wood and stone, by applying the strictest rules of sustainability to our work methods as tools for the protection of our most cherished possession: the environment, at the same time offering legal security to whoever is attracted to coming to live in our region, offering support and continued assistance in the handling of administrative procedures, simplifying the process, guaranteeing the investment with the fulfilling of budgets and time schedules: in fact, making the whole process of settling in easy.

Welcome to the Cultural Park of Sierra de Gata.